Using an open frame power supply enables devices to remain compact, as these power supplies take up less space than their enclosed frame cousins while providing impressive amounts of power for their size. Cooling is enhanced, as the open structure allows excess heat to escape easily. Open frame power supplies are used in numerous situations where their smaller size is warranted. They are also highly efficient and contain protection for over voltage, over temperature, and short-circuiting.


Smaller Sizes and Better Protection From Overheating

An open frame power supply unit is usually no more than ten inches in total combined dimensions of length, width and height. Despite their small size, these devices can deliver as much as 220 watts of power while providing improved protection against overheating due to their open structure. As consumers show a continued preference for smaller electronic devices, open frame power supplies will only increase in popularity. Their compact status allows electronic devices to be reduced in size yet more powerful in their capabilities.


Applications in a Variety of Industries

Many applications, including the following, are improved with the help of a small yet powerful open frame power supply which is capable of running these devices where space is at a premium:

  • Stage lighting and LED displays
  • Electronic devices within the medical and dental fields
  • Important components within the video, audio and broadcasting arena
  • Gear utilized in networking and telecom industries
  • Various types of diagnostic and/or imaging equipment

Manufacturers of Open Frame Power Supplies Within Two Series

Energy Recovery Products (ERP) manufactures two different open frame power supply series to meet the needs of every situation. The UHD160 Series power supply units are a mere 2x4x1 inches in size yet provide up to 100 watts of power at an average 90 percent efficiency rate. Our UHD365 units supply up to 220 watts of power in only 3x5x1.3 inches of space and show the same impressive efficiency of 90 percent on average. All units accept AC input voltage and comply with worldwide and EMC safety standards. To learn more about how our products can improve the quality of your electronic devices, contact Energy Recovery Products (ERP) today.