When choosing LED drivers be sure to know whether you need a current LED driver or a constant voltage LED driver. To make the best choice, you need to understand what each one does.

A constant current driver carries the voltage across an electronic circuit which maintains constant electrical current. This ensures that even if the voltage changes, the current that is being driven into the LED will be maintained at the required level without fluctuating up or down. On the other hand, constant voltage drivers have fixed voltage which is why they are so-named. The majority of constant voltage drivers supply a fixed voltage of either 12VDC or 24VDC.


Which one is the right one?

One unique characteristic of high powered LEDs is the exponential relationship between the forward voltage applied to the LED and the current that flows through it. Once the LED is turned on, even a minor change in voltage creates a 100% increase in the current drive. While higher current makes the LED brighter, it also eventually over-drives the LED. Without a current limiting device, the current would keep on rising along with the temperature. The result of this would be that the current would be pushed far above the limit, more so in hot conditions.

The excess forward current would generate extra heat in the heat system, which would reduce the lifespan of the LED and eventually ruin it. This is known as thermal runaway.

For this reason, the constant current LED drivers are preferred for powering high-power LEDs. Voltage and correspondent temperature changes are kept steady with a constant current source. This is done without damaging the LED which prevents thermal runaway.


Advantages of constant current LED drivers

If you are putting together your own fixture or are working with a high-powered LED, it will be best to use constant current drivers so you can enjoy the following advantages;

  • They will prevent violation of the maximum current specified for LEDs which will ensure that there is no burnout or thermal runaway.
  • They make it easier for designers to control applications.
  • They help create a light that has brightness and is more consistent.


Dimmable constant voltage LED driver from ERP Power

One of the best choices of constant voltage LED drivers you can choose is from ERP Power. ERP Power sells LED drivers with a limited warranty of five years. You can see the validity period of the limited warranty on the data sheet of every product.

You have two ERP Power dimmable constant voltage LED driver choices;

  1. The UHD160 Series with dimensions of 51mm in width, 102mm in length or 26mm in height
  2. The UHD365 Series with dimensions of 76mm in width, 127mm in length or 33mm in height.

The Ultra High Density Open Frame AC-DC Power Supply LED drivers have several applications including;

  • Audio, video and broadcasting equipment
  • Stage lighting
  • Point of sale products
  • Imaging and diagnostic equipment
  • LED displays
  • Dental and medical electronics
  • RGB LED color mixing
  • Telecom and networking gear


Why you should choose a dimmable constant voltage LED driver from ERP Power

You will get;

  • Up to 90% more efficiency
  • Protection from short circuit, excess voltage and temperatures
  • No fan, convection-cooled operations up to 100W
  • Universal AC input voltage that has active power factor correction
  • Compliance to international safety and EMC standards.

Contact ERP Power and get the best quality of dimmable constant voltage LED drivers in the market. The company has its headquarters in China and an operations facility in China.