Constant Current LED Drivers

TLM Series

90 TO 160 W, TRI-MODE DIMMING™ (0-10 V & TRIAC/ELV) HIGH POWER WITH 0.01% - 100% DIMMING RANGE,12 V / 100 mA Auxiliary Output
Input Voltage Max Output Power Output Voltage Output Current Range Efficiency THD       Max Case Temp Power Factor Dimming Method Dimming Range Start Time
120 to 277 Vac typical 160 W 30 to 85 Vdc 1.8 A to 2.1 A Constant Current up to 90% < 20% 90º C (measured at the hot spot) > 0.9 Forward-Phase, Reverse-Phase & 0-10 V 0.01-100% (% of Iout) 500 ms
  • Dimming range: 0.01% – 100% with ETC, Leprecon and Elation stage lighting AC phase dimmers
  • +12 V/100 mA auxiliary output to power external fan, motion or ambient light sensor, or wireless module
  • TRIAC and ELV dimming only at 120 Vac
  • Conducted and radiated EMI: Compliant with FCC CFR Title 47 Part 15 Class A (120 Vac and 277 Vac)
  • Complies with ENERGY STAR® luminaire specification and DLC (DesignLight Consortium®) technical requirements
  • IP66-rated case with silicone-based potting
  • 90°C maximum case hot spot temperature
  • Worldwide safety approvals

  • Stage Light
  • Studio Lighting
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ERP Part Number Nominal
Input Voltage (Vac)
Output Current (mA) Power (W) Voltage Range (Vdc) Case Type Dimming Status Availability
TLM090W-2.1-42 120 to 277 2100 88.2 30 - 42 IP66 Rectangular Metal For/Rev Phase & 0-10V, 0.01-100% production Check >
  • Forced air cooling or heatsink base plate (aluminum baseplate: 210mm x 200mm x 2mm) is required for total continuous power exceeding 120 W
  • For additional options of output current and output voltage, contact your sales representative or contact us via email.