Small Smart Efficient

Small. Smart. Connected. A leading designer and manufacturer of small, smart and connected LED drivers for indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. LEARN MORE > ...Read More

Big Power Small Size

Big Power. Small Size. Our high-density LED drivers are one-fifth smaller than the competition. In some applications, ERP drivers are 60% smaller at less than one-half the cost. LEARN MORE > ...Read More

Intelligent Control

Intelligent Control. ERP LED light drivers support multiple wireless and wired communication protocols and can utilize sensors to autonomously manage dimming, groups, schedules, and scenes. LEARN MORE > ...Read More

Programmable Performance

Programmable Performance. Use one programmable driver, tuned for optimal performance, in multiple light fixture designs, to lower your supply-chain costs and simplify production, installation and maintenance. LEARN MORE > ...Read More

High Efficiency, Low Cost

HIGH EFFICIENCY. LOW COST. We’re powering the future of lighting innovation with built-to-last, small, smart, and connected drivers by packing more power into smaller footprints – delivering cost savings for every application. LEARN MORE > ...Read More