Linear Light Engines With Controllers

Just Plug & Play

Lumenetix has a recommended wiring guide for fixture layouts from 1 – 8 feet.


The Heart & Brains of the Two Family


The lid of the logic module opens to reveal an expansion port.

Expansion cards connect via the interface to easily facilitate Lutron, Wattstopper, DMX and DALI controls. 

The heart and brains contain the driver, logic and communication electronics to control either linear or round araya5 arrays.

Processes control information and closed loop optical and thermal feedback and outputs up to 6 channels of power.

The Two Platform

The Linear Tuning Module (LTM) Two family introduces the araya5 tunable color technology to linear fixtures. The araya5 logic module (ALM) pairs with araya5 linear arrays for linear runs of virtually unlimited lengths. The araya5 logic module feeds 5-channel power to and receives thermal and characterization feedback from the 5-color araya5 linear modules. Based on Lumenetix’s history with closed-loop optical feedback systems and taking advantage of the large number of LEDs in the linear arrays, a statistical model has been developed for predicting optical depreciation. The ALM has native 0-10VDC control and Bluetooth LE. The ALM features an expansion port that enables Lutron, Wattstopper, BT Mesh , DMX, and DALI control. The LTM2 features an output of 1000 lumens per foot, wide gamut access via the Hue and Saturation features, and intensity control to 1%. Like all Lumenetix products, color consistency is less than 2 Standard Deviation Color Matching (SDCM) over life.