Linear Light Engines

Linear Light Engines with Controllers

Lumenetix-araya Logic Module - The Heart & Brains of the TWO Family

The lid of the logic module opens to reveal an expansion port.

Expansion cards connect via the interface to easily facilitate DMX, Lutron®, Avi-on™ BLE Mesh, DALI Type 8, and Wattstopper® DLM controls.

The heart and brains contain the driver, logic and communication electronics to control either linear or round Lumenetix-araya arrays.

Processes control information and closed loop optical and thermal feedback and outputs up to 6 channels of power.

The LTM 2 Platform

Lumenetix-araya Logic Modules (ALM) connect to mid-power linear LED arrays that mix five colors of LEDs across a tunable color range of 1650 – 8000L or a warm dim range of 3050 – 1800K. The light can be dimmed from 100 – 0.1%*. The modules deliver up to 1000 lm / foot of light at 90+ CRI. Proprietary thermal and optical technologies ensure color consistency of <2 SDCM over the 50,000-hour rated life. The ALM is connected to one or more LED arrays via low-cost ribbon cables, and features on-board driver electronics and the Lumenetix-araya control logic for precise control of LED light output while tuning and dimming.

Fixture control integration is achieved by packaging Bluetooth LE (for commissioning only) and 0-10 V on-board the ALM. DMX512-A-RDM, Lutron® EcoSystem, DALI Type 8 and Legrand® Wattstopper® DLM protocol compatibilities can be achieved via control cards that connect to an expansion port within the ALM. The arrays can also access the patented Avi-on™ BLE Mesh platform to enable many-to-many device communication in a connected system “cloud”, via another control card. The proprietary Avi-on mobile app is used for setting up the network, commissioning the various system components, grouping devices, creating associated schedules and scenes, and providing manual adjustment of color temperature and/or intensity.

LTM2 Configurations – Just Plug & Play

Lumenetix has a recommended wiring guide for fixture layouts from 1 – 8 feet.