Constant Current (CC) LED Lighting Solutions

Reliable with full dimming capabilities, our constant LED drivers deliver the control you need for your lighting fixtures and applications.

Constant Voltage (CV) LED Lighting Solutions

Designed to handle fixtures and long physical dimensions, our constant voltage LED drivers deliver the flexibility you need

LED Driver Accessories

Browse accessories for programmable LED drivers and get what you need for the optimal lighting experience.


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LED Lighting Solutions That Get the Job Done


Small but powerful

Small-size LED drivers that pack a punch. Design creative, award-winning lighting fixtures with more flexibility and freedom.

Small But Powerful


Dimmer interoperability

Our TRIAC, ELV, and 0-10 V support delivers broad compatibility with a large number of dimmers.


Programmable performance

We lower your supply chain costs by enabling a single precision-power LED lighting driver to be programmed to operate with optimum performance across multiple lighting fixture designs.


Intelligent Controls

For our CTM2 family of LED light engines, araya™ Logic Modules enable seamless integration with Acuity, Crestron, DALI, DMX, Legrand, Lutron, and others. Wired or wireless, our LED lighting solutions have you covered with a broad array of communication protocols. LED drivers are the natural place to embed intelligence for lighting controls, digitally connecting luminaires so lights can share data with building and data management systems and with end-user/mobile applications. Our drivers communicate fixture status, measure power consumption, optimize energy savings, and ensure ambiance, autonomously managing performance parameters and making operational system adjustments to the CTM2 family of LED light engines.


Beyond Lighting

Our drivers can also integrate with a variety of sensors, acting as a backbone for access to Internet of Things (IoT) applications. We call it the Internet of Lights.


High Quality

Manufactured with components from well-known suppliers, our built-to-last LED lighting solutions are tested, proven, and designed to meet your needs, every time.

Order a Sample

Be confident that your LED lighting solutions will work in your fixture design. You can order samples from our distribution partners; or, contact us if you don’t see available inventory of the particular product.

How to Buy

Our LED lighting solutions are available via distribution or direct – the choice is yours. If you don’t see available inventory of a particular product through our distribution partners, please contact us.