Meet bianco.

White, Tunable White and Tunable White with Warm Dim featuring ERP Drivers Inside™

This Changes Everything

This Changes Everything.

Embedded ERP AC-DC Driver


Small Wonder.

The Bianco family of white & tunable white LED modules integrates an embedded ERP AC-DC driver to deliver quality light — 90+ CRI, typical 2-step color consistency and IEEE1789-2015 flicker compliant.


Packing big power
into small packages.

Programmable & Dimmable LED Drivers

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Light + Power

Bianco Logo
White & Tunable White LED Modules Featuring Embedded ERP Drivers.

In a word, bianco changes everything. ERP’s global leadership in high-density driver circuit packaging enables a true lighting breakthrough – embedding the AC-DC driver inside the light engine and delivering the highest quality of light. Importantly, bianco offers across-the-board cost reduction from the cost, size, and manufacturing complexity of fixtures with legacy external drivers to inventory SKU reduction – aligning performance, control and cost to every requirement.

  • Eliminate external drivers, reduce legacy fixture size, complexity, labor and cost
  • 50 & 65mm diameter modules featuring 560-5500 lumens output
  • Programming versatility (CCT / tuning range / peak lumens) reduces SKU inventory
  • CRI 90+, dimmable, IEEE1789-2015 flicker compliant, two step color consistency (typical)
Araya logo
Tunable Color LED Modules.

araya represents the apex of tunable lighting. araya controls the character and nuance of light in astonishing ways, with profiles that change throughout the day to mirror the rhythms of the sun. Specifiers (and manufacturers) can add personality to accentuate architecture, furnishings, food – everything in both the interior and exterior environment – from color consistency to saturation and hues. This is lighting reinvented and reimagined. And it is at your fingertip.

LED Drivers


Precision power ERP LED drivers are designed to work with a wide range of dimming techniques and protocols, so they can be used in virtually every lighting application. Computer Controlled Dimming™ performance and broad dimmer compatibility deliver energy-efficient lighting experiences across residential and commercial markets. Find all design specifications for ERP’s industry-leading constant voltage and constant current LED drivers – performance, specifications, everything you need to assure optimal operation – it’s all right here.

Your markets are our markets

ERP is focused on illuminating and powering what we call the Internet of Lights – delivering technologies that improve the productivity, perception, and comfort of illuminated spaces in virtually all architectural, commercial and industrial markets. From highly cost-effective solutions for mass markets, to highly customized, fixture-by-fixture installations, ERP is a single-source solution.

Who we are

ERP Power’s is the industry leader in tunable white and tunable color LED light engines, and small, smart, and connected LED drivers. Bianco and Araya modules featuring embedded ERP drivers marry ERP’s two core competencies. Recognized for both engineering and manufacturing prowess, ERP light engines, precision power drivers, and connected controls capabilities offer extensive dimmer capability, wireless connectivity, programmable outputs and high efficiency – all at a competitive cost.

Order a sample

Know with confidence that ERP drivers, light engines and controls will work and perform optimally in your fixture designs. Order samples from our distribution partners; or, contact us if you don’t see available inventory of the particular product.