ERP Quality & Reliability

Delivering on ERP Quality & Reliability Promises so You Can Trust in Our Products

Our business was built on designing and manufacturing high-quality, reliable products, and we’ve never strayed from that mission. ERP maintains full control over the Bill of Materials, so we know we’re using only the highest-quality components inside our products, and we follow a rigorous Quality Management System.

Supplier Quality Assurance/ Incoming Quality Control

  • Supplier Management: We know and work closely with our suppliers to maintain quality of all components.
  • Material Control: We understand every detail of the materials we’re using so we can confidently produce quality products.


Design Qualification Assurance

  • Reliability Testing: We know our products will work and work well. 
  • 4-Stage Development Process: We take each stage of development seriously. 
  • Component Qualification (De-rating, MTBF, Thermal Testing): We ensure every component meets specific quality and performance standards. 
  • Production Auditing: We hold our production process and team to a high standard and audit performance on a regular basis.


Product Qualification Assurance

  • Failure Analysis: We want our products to perform, period. We identify issues before products head out the door.
  • Customer Returns: We handle all returns, and all reasons for returns, with the utmost attention and care.

Our ERP Quality Promise

ERP provides a limited warranty of five years for LED drivers and three years for power supplies.

A 10-year warranty is available for certain drivers and light engines with testing and certification of your light fixture by our experts.

A woman works at an electrical board as part of ERP quality assurance practices for our LED drivers and light engines.