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White, Tunable White and Tunable White with Warm Dim featuring ERP Drivers Inside™


This Changes Everything.

Embedded ERP AC-DC Driver

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In a world where simplicity meets sophistication, ERP introduces revolutionary light engines with elegant driver-inside technology that improves quality and control while dramatically reducing costs across-the-board.

Here is versatility to power your entire luminaire product line – 50 & 65 mm diameter modules with 9, 12, 19, 24 & 32 mm light emitting surfaces.

Bianco Light Engines Do It All

The technology-rich module can be preconfigured on the assembly line to operate at a predefined color temperature, or dim-to-warm — with options to mimic halogen or incandescent. Consider the versatility — five light emitting surfaces, three feature packages, programmable CCT, range, warm dim profiles, and two tuning ranges.

  • White / Tunable White / Tunable White with Warm Dim Profiles
  • 50 and 65 mm case diameters
  • 9, 12, 19, 24 and 32 mm light emitting surfaces
  • 560–5500 lumen packages
  • Tri Mode Dimming™ (TRIAC / 0–10 V / ELV) 
  • Dim to off
  • 0–10 V CCT Tuning 
  • Bluetooth Field Commissioning Option (with free ERP app)
  • Programmable CCT / Tuning Range / Peak Lumens 
  • Optical options: High-efficiency diffuser, TIR and reflector holders
Bianco Delivers Quality of Light

Past industry efforts to embed the AC–DC driver have failed to deliver quality light. ERP has changed all this, in dramatic fashion, with integrated drivers and lighting technologies that deliver exceptional, reliable quality at reduced cost. 

  • Integrated Driver (120–277 VAC) 
  • CRI: 90+ 
  • Color Consistency: Three step (typically, two-step McAdam Ellipse) 
  • Flicker: IEEE1789-2015 Compliant
  • Energy Star Compliant
Bianco slashes cost everywhere

Along with delivering quality of light, bianco delivers exponential cost savings! 

  • Eliminates external driver cost
  • Eliminates UL required 90 °C thermal cutoff protector — it’s integral to the engine
  • Reduces fixture cost
  • Reduces fixture labor
  • Reduces fixture size
  • Easy module replacement in the field
  • Programming flexibility reduces SKU inventory


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