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White, Tunable White and Tunable White with Warm Dim featuring ERP Drivers Inside™


This Changes Everything.

Embedded ERP AC-DC Driver

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In a world where simplicity meets sophistication, ERP introduces revolutionary light engines with elegant driver-inside technology that improves quality and control while dramatically reducing costs across-the-board.

Here is versatility to power your entire luminaire product line – 50 & 65 mm diameter modules with 9, 12, 19, 24 & 32 mm light emitting surfaces.

Bianco Light Engines Do It All

The technology-rich module can be preconfigured on the assembly line to operate at a predefined color temperature, or dim-to-warm – with options to mimic halogen or incandescent. Consider the versatility – five light emitting surfaces, three feature packages, programmable CCT, range, warm dim profiles, and two tuning ranges.

  • White / Tunable White / Tunable White with Warm Dim Profiles
  • 50 and 65 mm case diameters
  • 9, 12, 19, 24 and 32 mm light emitting surfaces
  • 560 – 5500 lumen packages
  • Tri Mode Dimming™ (TRIAC / 0-10V / ELV) 
  • Dim to off
  • 0-10V CCT Tuning 
  • Bluetooth Field Commissioning Option (with free ERP app)
  • Programmable CCT / Tuning Range / Peak Lumens 
  • Optical options: High-efficiency diffuser, TIR and reflector holders
Bianco Delivers Quality of Light

Past industry efforts to embed the AC-DC driver have failed to deliver quality light. ERP has changed all this, in dramatic fashion, with integrated drivers and lighting technologies that deliver exceptional, reliable quality at reduced cost. 

  • Integrated Driver (120-277 VAC) 
  • CRI: 90+ 
  • Color Consistency: Three step (typically, two-step McAdam Ellipse) 
  • Flicker: IEEE1789-2015 Compliant
  • Energy Star Compliant
Bianco slashes cost everywhere

Along with delivering quality of light, bianco delivers exponential cost savings! 

  • Eliminates external driver cost
  • Eliminates UL required 90°C thermal cutoff protector – it’s integral to the engine
  • Reduces fixture cost
  • Reduces fixture labor
  • Reduces fixture size
  • Easy module replacement in the field
  • Programming flexibility reduces SKU inventory