Excellent LED Drivers:
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We Pack Big Power into a Small Driver. Take a Look Inside.

We design and manufacture our excellent LED drivers to perform at a higher standard – that’s why we can confidently say they are excellent. Our best-in-class dimming capabilities, high power density, and dedication to quality and reliability ensure your ERP LED driver will meet all of your application needs.

  • Wide input range (90 to 305 Vac max)
  • High efficiency (typically 85-90+%) Constant Current and Constant Voltage
  • High power factor (up to 0.99, THD < 20%
  • Long Lifetime (5 years lifetime for most products, 10 years lifetime for ESSV)
  • Best-in-class dimming
  • Tri-mode dimming in most models: TRIAC (forward-phase or leading-edge), ELV (reverse-phase or trailing-edge) phase-cut dimming AND 0-10V dimming supported in 1 unit
  • 1% to 100% dimming range (some dimmer dependence), 0.01%-100% for some applications
  • Multiple 0-10V dimming profiles available in some families: Linear, Ballast type Mark7 (IEC60929, ANSI C82.11)
  • Comprehensive protections: OVP, SCP, OTP, Surge
  • Comply with international safety & EMC regulations (e.g UL8750)
  • Enables ENERGY STAR® and DLC (DesignLight Consortium®) luminaire compliance
  • Waterproof (> IP64) – suitable for outdoor applications in some models
  • Key components are sourced from high quality suppliers
  • Long life, high temperature electrolytic capacitors

We Deliver Full Spectrum Sunlight

See Everything in A Whole New Light

Reimagine illumination by tailoring the color and character of light to each application by articulating spaces, aesthetics, comfort, and the purpose of each environment. Broadcast studios, commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, historic sites, hospitality locations, museums, offices, residential and retail sectors can all improve productivity, perception and wellness. Precise natural light can be replicated, and as the hour changes, be timed to warm the space. The highest quality of light, full spectrum color consistency over life, natural sunlight emulation, and halogen dimming performance that’s e-flicker free all combine to deliver true and perfect illumination.