Tunable Lighting: Color Tunable LED Lights

araya Color Tuning Light Engines mix five colors of LEDs to deliver dimmable and tunable lighting at 90+ CRI and color consistency of <2 MacAdam ellipse* across a tuning range of 1650–8000 K. Light can be dimmed from 100–0.1%* while maintaining constant CCT. Gradients of saturated colors from 1–100% can be added to color points within the tuning range. The araya patented in-line manufacturing process captures and stores the spectral characteristics of each LED.

araya Logic Modules (ALM) feature control logic for precise control of current and PWM. The latest generation rapidly generates a unique color model on the spot based on the spectral characteristics stored on the connected array, providing precision tuning of the light engine’s full spectrum color output. This enables the replacement of ALM as needed, and provides the ability to mix and match the various types of ALM with the various sizes of Round Light Engines (CTM2) and the various kit lengths of Linear Light Engines (LTM2). Another key innovation is the ability of ALM to receive firmware upgrades over wired RDM/DMX to ensure field compatibility with previously deployed control systems.

Tunable Color Advantages


From retail to furnishings to fashion,
color is how you light it.

CCT 2700
CCT 5000
CCT 6000

In The Best Light

Araya recreates and controls light that emulates the spectral quality of daylight. And, Araya accesses a rich gamut of pastels and saturated colors to unveil new design frontiers.