ERP - ENERGY RECOVERY PRODUCTS - is headquartered in Moorpark, California and is led by CEO Michael Archer.  Mr. Archer is a renowned leader in power conversion design, holding more than twenty patents in the field.

ERP’s AC-DC power conversion technology provides a unique combination of high efficiency (low power consumption), high power density (small size) and low component count (low cost). These features are designed into every ERP product and typically exceed the capabilities of most competitors. In addition to power conversion design, ERP defines and develops custom ICs with ON Semiconductor to support its proprietary resonant converter topology.

ERP’s proprietary resonant technology has been licensed by ON Semiconductor, ROAL and Flextronics. These companies utilize ERP’s technology in a variety of products and have shipped tens of millions of products to several Fortune 500 companies.

As ERP’s core technology continues to evolve, each new product generation packs more power capability into a smaller footprint. ERP’s latest ERP020/030/040 (20 W, 30 W, 40 W) LED Driver family already achieves 8 Watts per cubic inch convection rating.