The Araya® CTM1C-E ‘Entertainment’ provides exemplary performance for applications requiring high-quality tunable color.


LOS ANGELES – June 21, 2022 – ERP Power LLC (“ERP”), is launching 3 new Araya®  CTM1C-E tunable color light engines at LightFair 2022.

In addition to incorporating legacy Araya® 4CH (HSIK) color tuning control, CTM1C-E modules offer the user the choice of numerous types of RGBx control, selectable via DMX-RDM. CTM1C-E modules incorporate narrow band Green LEDs to provide an expanded color gamut that delivers an intense saturated green and yellow color.

The CTM1C-E features on-board DMX512-A-RDM and can be set to operate in any one of sixteen preloaded personalities, including the original Araya Color Tuning (HSIK), Warm/Dynamic Dimming, RGBW or RGBK. In RGBW mode, there are 5 preloaded CCT points to choose from: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4300K and 6500K.  In RGBK mode, the CCT point can be set anywhere from 1700K to 8000K. The CTM1C-E also includes the capability to upgrade FW over the wire via DMX-RDM.

Key Metrics

In-line spectral capture creates a unique color model for each light engine, resulting in 90+ CRI and CCT across the entire CCT range – tunable from 1700-8000K. The light engines integrate driver electronics for precise control of current and PWM inputs, as well as LED light output. On-board closed-loop thermal feedback compensates each color channel for thermally induced variations in optical output due to tuning, dimming or ambient temperatures. This boasts a color consistency of < 2 MacAdam ellipse over a 50,000-hour life and allows the engine to dim from 100–1% while maintaining constant CCT. With 90+ CRI, and an expanded color gamut and color consistency, the Araya® ‘Entertainment’ provides exemplary performance for applications requiring high quality in color.

Expanded Color Gamut

The Araya® CTM1C-E ‘Entertainment’ utilizes a six (6) color LED arrangement that includes a narrow-band green LED. This allows the user to experience a saturated green and yellow in their lighting installations.

RGB Color Wheel


About ERP Power

ERP is driving quality of light to enable simple, affordable, end-to-end integration of tunable light engines, precision power, and connected controls for LED lighting fixture manufacturers, designers/specifiers, and installers. ERP is expanding what’s possible from modern lighting mechanisms by introducing the Araya® CTM1C-E ‘Entertainment’ tunable color light engines – with the incorporation of narrow-band Green LED to provide an expanded color range that delivers a vivid saturated Green and Yellow. Headquartered in Westlake Village, CA, ERP owns and operates its own ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility to ensure quality of design, sourcing, production, and testing.  Learn more online at or by emailing

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