Constant Voltage LED Drivers

EVB Series

75-120 W, Tri-Mode Dimming™ (0-10 V & TRIAC/ELV) with Fast Startup Time
  • Compatible with TRIAC (forward-phase or leading-edge), ELV (reverse-phase or trailing-edge) and 0-10 V dimmers
  • TRIAC and ELV dimming only at 120 Vac
  • Outdoor surge protection: 3 kV line to line/6 kV line to earth
  • Linear 0-10V dimming transfer function: 10V=100%, 1V=10%, 0.1V=1%
  • Can also be offered with two and three channels
  • Protections: output open load, over-current and short-circuit (hiccup), and over-temperature with auto recovery
  • Conducted and radiated EMI: Compliant with FCC CFR Title 47 Part 15 Class B (120 Vac)/Class A (277 Vac) and EN55015 (CISPR 15) at 220/230/240 Vac
  • Complies with ENERGY STAR® luminaire specification and DLC (DesignLight Consortium®) technical requirements
  • IP66-rated case with silicone-based potting
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours min at 70°C case temperature
  • 90°C maximum case hot spot temperature
  • Class 2 power supply (some models only)

  • Industrial Lighting
  • Outdoor LED Light
  • Troffer
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Input Voltage Max Output Power Output Voltage Output Current Range Efficiency THD       Max Case Temp Power Factor Dimming Method Dimming Range Start Time
120 to 277 Vac nominal 120 W 30 to 42 Vdc 1.8 to 2.3 A Constant Current up to 87% < 20% 90º C (measured at the hot spot) >0.9 Forward-Phase, Reverse-Phase & 0-10 V 1-100% (% of Iout) 400 ms typical
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