Constant Voltage LED Drivers

xDrive VSW Series

100 W, Integrated Dimmer for Single Gang Box Mount
  •  LED Driver + Dimmer in one physical unit
  •  Simplifies LED installation by eliminating compatibility issues between driver and dimmer
  •  Fits in a standard recessed electrical box (gang box)
  •  100% - 1% smooth dimming
  •  No minimum load
  •  Single pole preset dimmer with on/off  push switch
  •  Adjustable voltage output dial to address voltage drop
  •  Includes voltage barrier partition to install high and low voltage circuit in same gang box
  •  No derating required when ganging units
  •  Power failure memory: If power is interrupted, xDrive will return to the setting prior to interruption.
  •  The Glossy White color is the default color for the face plate and the trim plate. Other colors (Glossy Light Almond, Glossy Dark Brown, and Glossy Black) are available but sold separately.

  • Downlight
  • Strip Lights
  • Track Light
  • Under-cabinet lighting
UL CertifiedFC Certified5 Year Warrenty
Technical Documentation:
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Input VoltageMax Output PowerOutput VoltageOutput Current RangeEfficiencyTHDMax Case TempPower FactorDimming MethodDimming RangeStart Time
120 Vac Nominal100 W12, 24 Vdc CV4.2 AUp to 91%< 20%90° C (measured at the hot spot)> 0.91 - 100% of light output500 ms typical
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ERP Part NumberNominal
Input Voltage (Vac)
Max Output Current (mA)Power (W) Output Voltage (Vdc)Case TypeDimmingStatusAvailability
VSW100U-24-ERP1204.25.0 - 100.022 - 26Plastic Case1-100%samplingCheck >
VSW60U-24-ERP1202.53.0 - 60.022 - 26Plastic Case1-100%samplingCheck >
VSW60U-12-ERP120510.0 - 60.011 - 13Plastic Case1-100%samplingCheck >
VSW40U-12-ERP1203.38.0 - 40.011 - 13Plastic Case1-100%samplingCheck >
  • For additional options of output current and output voltage, contact your sales representative or send an email to: