New York’s Statue of Liberty museum in Liberty Island is the “keeper of the flame” for Lady Liberty, with the help of Rambusch Lighting and ERP Power.

LOS ANGELES – August 17, 2020 – ERP Power LLC (“ERP”), a leading provider of small, smart, and connected LED drivers and light engines for the lighting industry, announced that their Lumenetix-araya tunable color LED modules with integrated control protocols have been used to develop a dynamic LED color-changing illumination system inside the Statue of Liberty flame, carefully restored by Rambusch craftsmen.

According to the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), the torch and flame—replaced in 1986—were restored by a team including Rambusch metal craftsmen, conservators, and stained glass artisans. Rambusch also developed a dynamic LED color-changing illumination system inside the flame, based around a Araya tunable color LED module with a wide color range that would be controlled by a Lutron system. This combination will allow the museum to create varied color presentations of the flame itself, much like the Empire State Building spire. Thus, the flame is again alive and glows.

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