In a Crestron Home system, ERP’s powerful light fixtures will work in harmony with Crestron shading option to manage all aspects of lighting throughout the home.


LOS ANGELES – June 20, 2022 – ERP Power LLC (“ERP”), is introducing a new collaboration with Crestron to expand your lighting control options. ERP’s Araya® Tunable Color Light engines, compatible with Crestron Home, will be announced at LightFair 2022.

Through the Crestron Home platform, homeowners will have full control over the color of their lights: including intensity, CCT, saturation and hue. Homeowners can opt to synchronize Crestron’s LED Light Fixtures with their natural circadian rhythm or utilize a Crestron SolarSync™ sensor to match the natural light outside.

Key Features

The latest Crestron Home® lighting technology features a complete slate of new features, including a novel Circadian Rhythm setting that enables the user the ability to “auto-tune” lights to mimic aspects of natural light throughout the day. This update allows everyone who currently utilizes Crestron dimmers and light fixtures with ERP’s Araya® Crestron Home Tunable Color light engines to adjust light intensity in a “bio-centric” manner.

In addition to color tuning, this update also includes functionality for SolarSync™, which uses a sensor to pick up the outside color temperature of the sun in real-time and tunes your interior lighting to match. Or try Warm Dim, another feature of the Crestron Home ecosystem in which shades begin to shift towards a yellow or an orange hue as users dim their light to exhibit a natural feel when compared with historic incandescent bulbs.

ERP & Crestron Integration

Typically, the LED market forces designers and installers into proprietary solutions by ignoring 3rd party collaborative features helpful for any homeowner with an existing lighting application system – limiting flexibility and choice, often forcing customers to compromise on design or functionality. ERP’s partnership with Crestron addresses this challenge by establishing Tunable Color Light engines that integrate seamlessly into the Crestron Home platform.

“With 3rd party light fixture manufacturers partnering with Crestron for our LED Partner Program, we’ll see a huge step forward in the architecture of intelligent and appealing LED light fixtures in addition to the numerous configurations available with the Crestron LED Light Fixture. Installers, designers, and homeowners will all be able to get what they want with flexible, reliable, and simple to deploy lighting solutions.” – John Clancy | Executive Vice President, Residential, Crestron.

About ERP Power

ERP is driving quality of light to enable simple, affordable, end-to-end integration of tunable light engines, precision power, and connected controls for LED lighting fixture manufacturers, designers/specifiers, and installers. Headquartered in Westlake Village, CA, ERP owns and operates its own ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility to ensure quality of design, sourcing, production, and testing.  Learn more online at or by emailing

About Crestron

Crestron builds the technology that makes smart homes intelligent. After decades of leading the smart home category, no other company is better positioned to deliver the success dealers want and the experience client’s demand. With Crestron Home, it’s incredibly easy for both homeowners and integrators to customize and make changes to lighting. Crestron pioneered home automation and never stopped reinventing the smart home – now available with ERP’s Araya® LED light engines.

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