Wireless LED Drivers

The Intelligence That Makes Your Lighting Applications Go - Wireless/WIFI LED Drivers by ERP Power

One driver to rule them all, our wireless LED drivers are the brain that connects your lighting fixtures and applications to control dimming, scheduling, and ambient scenes with the swipe of your finger or the sound of your voice.

The ERP CBD Series drivers deliver communications flexibility. The secure, plug-and-play, Bluetooth® mesh wireless controls architecture leverages a turnkey solution of app, cloud, and firmware pre-integrated with proven LED drivers designed to last for the lifetime of the installation. Other wireless controls based on Wi-Fi, ZigBee, or IEEE 802.15.4 are available; in addition to wired controls protocol support for DALI, DMX, Lutron and others.

We currently offer wireless and intelligent LED drivers within our CBD product series.


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Be in Control: Supporting multiple communication protocols, you can configure and control lighting schedules and ambiance using building and data management systems or mobile applications.

Set Up with Ease: ERP designed our wireless drivers to ensure simple, seamless installation and maintenance. No running wires, no electricians. It’s the DIY of connected lighting.

Enjoy Competitive Pricing: By greatly reducing SKU complexity and minimizing supply chain costs, we’re uniquely able to deliver intelligent, high-quality LED drivers at competitive cost.

Get Greener: Our Wireless Drivers are beyond energy saving, from lumen output maintenance to selectable 0-10V dimming profiles.