Many businesses are choosing LED lights for their commercial and industrial needs. Choosing the right driver for your LED systemÊwill provide you with the correct lighting out-put, save the company money, and utilize less energy. They also last significantly longer than CFL and incandescent bulbs.


ERP Offers LED Lights and Drivers that Offer Innovative Lighting Designs, Save Money and Energy

LED lights were developed in 1962 by Nick Holonyak and hailed as the lamp of the future. The light-emitting diode, better known as the LED, is now the lighting system of choice for architectural, commercial and industrial applications. Below are a few of the benefits found with LED lighting.

Years ago, there was not choice in light bulbs.ÊFor both home and businesses, you bought incandescent bulbs whenever you needed a light source. The higher the wattage, the more light the bulb provided. When LED lights came on the scene, they were typically out of the price range for most businesses and individuals, with many costing over $100 per bulb. That has changed today, as many bulbs cost less than $5 each.

Here are some reasons why LED lights are the best choice for your business needs:

  • Longevity: According to Consumer Reports, “LED light bulbs can last anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 hours or up to five times longer than any comparable bulb on the market.”
  • Temperature: Unlike CFL’s, LED lights stay cool to the touch. This makes them a safer alternative, especially around youngsters.
  • Cost: The cost to run an incandescent for 25,000 hours would be approximately $180/per bulb. For an LED, the cost would be $30/per bulb. When multiplied by the number of bulbs inÊmanufacturing and other industrial and business facilities, the amount saved is substantial.
  • Phased out: Incandescent bulbs are being phased out and a full ban is expected to take place by 2020.
  • Dimmer options: New formats that are dimmable are now available.


LED Lighting Experts, Energy Recovery Products:

Energy Recovery Products (ERP) are experts in the LED industry. They have developed LED drivers that offer engineers and lighting manufacturers the flexibility to design innovative lighting fixtures. The Company’s drivers offer a higher level of efficiency, broader dimmer flexibility and ambiance while saving energy and money in the long term. For more information on ERP’s professional grade LED drivers for LED lighting systems, visit their Web site today.