How Does ERP Power Make Such Small Drivers?

Small, Smart and Connected LED Drivers Through Design Innovation! ERP Power meticulously considers a combination of factors to produce very small, smart and connected LED drivers which are efficient, reliable and cost effective. The ERP Power 2017 platform designs deliver up to 24W per cubic inch of power density at a time when other manufacturers ...Read More

Understanding LED Drivers and Controllers

If youÕve worked in the lighting industry in an engineering capacity before, then you understandÊhow costly it can be to erect architectural lighting equipmentÊthroughout the structure of a theme park, concert stage or onÊthe night-time deck of a cruise ship. The rgb LED controller is the savior.ÊIt allows millions of bits (potentially) via randomizer to quickly produce the many colors needed for the event in question. ÊBecause it does this intelligently, the hardest part is simply finding out certain parameters and entering these values on the ERP Power website to obtain the specific parts. ...Read More

Understanding Power Conversion in Light Emitting Diodes

If thereÕs a single advantage that LEDs have over formerly traditional methods of providing illumination, itÕs the significantly increased ROI in terms of power conversion. ÊLEDs are much less costly to power and return much more actual light Ð instead of merely wastingÊheat Ð per wattage invested. ...Read More

Why LED Driver Boards From ERP Are The Best

Order your ÊLED driver board or other products from ERP with full confidence. You can be sure you will be getting products based on the best and the latest technology at the most competitive prices. You can also be sure of timely delivery so that you can go on with your operations as scheduled.Ê Ê Consult our comprehensive LED guideÊthen contact us about your order with confidence. ...Read More

A High Power LED Driver For Higher Wattages

All LED drivers fill the role of regulating the power supply leading to a string or strings of LEDs. ÊAÊhigh power LED driver is important when LEDs ÊrequireÊlarger amounts of power for applications including automotive use, grow lights, flashlights and/or emergency lighting. ÊLED drivers can be used to dim the LEDs they power and vary in design, depending on whether they will be used with an AC or DC input power source. The ideal driver will maximize the efficiency of the entire circuit and should be extremely reliable. ...Read More

LED Driver Design by Energy Recovery Products

ERPÕs product catalog is extensive and continues to grow to fill the progressing needs of LED driver design. ERPÕs drivers are fully functional with LED products from major global brands like Samsung, GE, Sharp, LG Innotek and many more. ERPÕs technology is used by globally revered notebook and desktop computer manufacturers, but there impeccable devotion to customer service makes them accessible to companies of any size. ...Read More

The Different Options for a Power Supply LED Driver Circuit

The power supply LED driver circuit ensures that a steady stream of power reaches the LED during operation, because unavoidable temperature changes in the local environment alter the electrical properties of the circuit. Without the driver, this would lead to issues with performance. In fact, the LED could become too hot for the system to handle, and the entire thing could fail Ð or at least, render subpar performance. ...Read More