All LED lights require the integration of an appropriate driver to deliver the proper amount of electricity to the circuit. LED drivers fill an equivalent role to the ballast in fluorescent lights or transformers for low-voltage bulbs. Because LEDs require low voltage and direct current, drivers must be used to change the alternating current found in most residential and commercial buildings into a usable DC version. Drivers may be internal or external and are needed to protect the bulbs from energy fluctuations which could result in bulb failure, poor efficiency, or premature degradation, due to high temperatures caused by the presence of excessive current within the circuit.


Uses For Internal and External Drivers

Bulbs and drivers that are combined into a single, compact unit utilize internal drivers to power the device. These are popular in household lighting applications where LEDs are intended to replace older incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. External drivers are appropriate where LEDs are desired for outdoor residential use, as well as in commercial and roadway applications.


Choose the Best Driver to Optimize Efficiency

Ensuring delivery of the proper amount of power to the LED circuit is critical for itsÊoptimal functioning:

  • Drivers regulate the amount of electricity which reaches the bulbs.
  • An excessive amount of heat build up will occur if an overly high powered driver is used, resulting in possible damage to the bulbs as well as the driver itself.
  • Under-powered drivers create dim conditions requiring the use of additional circuits to compensate for the lack of electrical current reaching the bulbs.


Constant-Voltage Vs. A/C LED Drivers

When internal resistors regulate the amount of current reaching the LED bulbs, constant-voltage drivers can be used to deliver a fixed output voltage to power the circuit. In situations where AC current has already been converted to DC by an internal driver, voltage alone can be adjusted to deliver the proper amount of current to the bulbs. Traditional transformers do not register the low amount of voltage required to power LED lights. Instead, AC LED drivers are used to drastically drop the voltage and safely power these energy efficient bulbs and devices.


Drivers for Every Situation

At Energy Recovery Products (ERP), we design and manufacture LED drivers to meet the needs of every situation. Contact our professionals to find out how our products can benefit your organization and optimize the efficiency of your LEDs.