Mounting LED Drivers Remotely From Light Engines

INTRODUCTION: In certain lighting applications, LED drivers need to be mounted away from their respective light engines or light fixtures. In that case, it also becomes necessary to ascertain the maximum distance of the driver from the light engine (in other words, how far away can the driver be located from the LED engine). Application Note ...Read More

Why Use A Constant Current LED Driver?

It's all about conserving energy while having the most reliable luminosity possible. LEDs are already an energy conserving measure. They allow illumination without as much energy output as regular lights have. The thing is, theyare slightly more expensive than regular lighting solutions, so many people have shied away from them. What they don't realize is that the savings aren't on the front end, but on the back end. LEDs last longer and use diminished amounts of resources. ...Read More

Choosing An LED Driver

There are a wide variety of LED drivers, both current-based and voltage-based, readily available on the market. When choosing a driver, the right kind of LED circuit topology should be considered, as should exigencies related to dimming and flicker. It's difficult to choose an LED driver, and the developing nature of the market makes it hard to find a singly satisfactory option immediately, but the following tips will help buyers make the right selection. ...Read More