Follow the Road to the Correct LED Driver

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when selecting an LED driver. Different manufacturers offer many products that those in search of a led driver will be certain to find that item that meets their needs. ...Read More

The Trailing Edge Dimmer for LED Lighting Control

The trailing edge dimmer is one of two available phase control dimmers and the one that works optimally with LED drivers. Leading-edge dimmers are their counterpart, with a higher market presence they are cheaper, but their high minimum load make them inadequate for nuanced LED lighting. ...Read More

Why Is Dimming Important in LED Lighting?

Unlike incandescent lighting, LED lighting relies on a self-contained power supply that also acts like a current and dimmer control system called an LED driver that is separate from the wall dimmer switch. The LED driver takes high-voltage alternating current power from the electrical line and converts it into low-voltage direct current power. It also adjusts to keep the current constant so that an LED light functions as expected based on its design and use. ...Read More