LED Power Drivers: Responsible for Energy Conversions

LEDs, like most powered devices, need a certain range of voltage and current to properly operate. If the values exceed what is written by the manufacturer or, if they fluctuate too much – this will degrade the operational lifetime of the device.

LED power drivers change the incoming alternating current into lower voltage direct current to ensure the health of the device. Otherwise, the LED itself could suffer from the line-voltage fluctuations that diminish performance.

What Ratings do LED Power Drivers Come In?

Because of the variation in voltage and current sources in the office or home, the drivers come in constant current or constant voltage types. Generally, these values are 10, 12 and 24 Volts for the constant voltage types, and 350 milliamps, 700 millamps or a full ampere of charge. They are further rated by Class (1 or 2, etc) to denote the efficiency with which they’re rated to function inside a junction box.

YouÊwant a power driver if you need dimmable LEDs. They’re also the science and engineering behind the popular color-changing variant. The technology is amenable to a virtually limitless array of functions – including photocells, remote-controlled LEDs, dimmers for a wallbox and lighting automation for art displays.

LEDs from Energy Recovery Products

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