Power supplies are an integral part of the proper functioning of any outdoor lighting display. Choosing the right one for your needs requires the correct knowledge about the basics, but also a fair degree of expertise about the more practical ramifications. Power supplies are available in a wide variety of sizes and power configurations. Here are a few things you should understand before choosing one:

They are adjustable, programmable, and extremely versatile – By their very nature these power supplies can fill a wide variety of purposes. Adjustable power supplies can be used to power everything from large-scale LED displays and stage lighting through networking and telecom gear to diagnostic and medical imaging equipment. In other words, they are ideal for use across a wide variety of industries.

Programmable LED drivers allow for quick and easy configuring and re-configuring between minimum and maximum current or voltage settings. This way, your drivers can adapt to product or application settings and specifications. Many programmable drivers can also be controlled wirelessly.

With highly adjustable and programmable capabilities, LED drivers today are highly versatile, allowing users the freedom to control the output power in any configuration based on lighting application requirements or specifications. Dimming and other energy efficiency benefits are also integrated for additional control.

They are customizable – Available in sizes as small as eight cubic inches, adjustable power supplies can be manufactured Ð to a certain degree Ð to your specifications. With an efficiency rating of 90% or higher, these wonders of technology can accept any AC input voltage, correct it, and output either 100W or 220W power. Every model is designed to be compliant with all electromagnetic comparability (EMC) standards.

They provide outstanding ROI – Adjustable power supplies are eminently affordable in terms of both initial purchase price and subsequent operating costs. The best ones provide a combination of low component count for low cost with high-efficiency for low power consumption and high power density to maintain a small size. In addition, programmable power supplies can drive multiple lighting fixtures thus lowering inventory costs.

At ERP, we design and manufacture a wide variety of adjustable power supplies. They are small, customizable and affordable. For more information on them or any of our other electronic components, please contact us at Energy Recovery Products. You can visit us online at ERP-Power.com or call us directly at 805-517-1300.