The ability to change the color of your LED lights can be extremely beneficial – especially when it comes to trying to draw attention to a lighting display, such as a display that depicts the name of your company. The ability to use various colors will require an RGB LEDsystem, which means that you will want an RGB LED controller in order to control the colors of those lights. When it comes to choosing an RGB LED controller, you may feel a little overwhelmed at all of the options available. To help make it easier to determine which RGB LED controller best fits your needs, the following are a few of the basic types of RGB LED controllers:



If you need an easy way to directly mix colors of any RGB LED light, then a three-channel RGB LED dimmer. This RGB LED controller is wired directly into your RGB LED lights and is extremely easy to control.



The problem with the three-channel RGB LED dimmer is that you need to be by the LED product that it’s wired to in order to control it. If you need to be able to control the color of your lights from afar, then you’ll want a wireless controller. The following are a few common types of wireless RGB LED controllers that you can choose from:

  • Basic wireless RGB LED controllers – Most basic RGB LED controllers will allow you to not only customize the colors of your RGB LEDs, but also the brightness and the speed at which the colors change of the dynamic modes that you have pre-programmed.
  • Color wheel remote – If you prefer to have more control over your RGB LEDs, then you should look for a controller that has a color wheel. A color wheel makes it even easier and quicker to choose the color of your RGB LEDs since you can do so at the tip of your finger.
  • App remote – Some remotes even have the option of allowing you to control the settings of your RGB LEDs via an app on your smartphone or tablet. This provides much more flexibility as well as the option to give control over your RGB LEDs to multiple people.

These are a few of the options that you will want to consider when choosing an RGB LED controller for your RGB LED lighting system.