LED technology is evolving rapidly and consumers are reaping the benefits of lower energy bills each and every month. While energy savings are the leading reason companies and homeowners are making the switch, there are many other benefits to consider when choosing to install dimmable LED lighting. These benefits include longevity, convenience, comfort, efficiency, and safety.



Many dimmable LED bulbs can burn brightly for up to 100,000 hours. That is more than 4,000 days of operation. Designed to stand up to long-term use, and built to resistant vibrations and impacts, dimmable LED technology provides a solid and reliable source of light you can depend on. When coupled with a constant current driver, you will maintain lighting intensity that is predictable and won’t exceed the maximum current rating for the bulb.



Very few people enjoy climbing high up on a ladderÊto change the lights. Dimmable LED technology makes it possible to minimize the frequency of this chore. Once an LED bulb is installed, it canÊbe a decade or longer before the chore will need to be repeated.


Comfort Dimmable

LED technology is designed to be easy on the eyes. Dimmable LED lighting can be adjusted to match the lighting needs within a specific space. The result is a comfortable ambiance that is conducive to the tasks you need to perform. The reduced eye strain and improved lighting conditions will facilitate greater productivity and worker satisfaction.



Dimmable LED lights cut power consumption by up to 80%. They are far more efficient than incandescent bulbs and other lighting options. This means that it takes far less power to generate the same amount of light. This not only helps save money, but it reduces the strain on the environment and the energy production capacity of the area’s power suppliers.



LED technology including dimmer switches and motion sensors will have a significant impact on the overall safety of a space. LED lights generate less heat, which reduces the risk of fire while providing a high degree of physical safety that will keep property and workers safe from accidents and intruders.

We invite you to contact Energy Recovery Products to learn more about the LED technology we have available. We will be glad to help you develop a lighting plan that will save you money by increasing energy efficiency while creating a safe and reliable workspace for your daily operations.