When choosing an LED driver, it is important to make the right choice for efficiency and performance. Before choosing, it is important to understand what their function is. If the right driver is not used, the LED may overheat and become unstable. This can compromise performance or even cause total failure.


Power Regulation

LED drivers regulate the power going into a LED or the string(s). What an LED driver will do is respond as per the needs of a LED or LED circuit. It will send a constant level of power into the LED as temperature changes it electrical properties.

An LED driver is essentially a power supply that is self-contained with outputs matching the electrical characteristics of the LED. The drivers may dim with pulse width modulation circuits. They may have more than one channel for separate control of different LED or LED arrays. The LED driver keeps the power level of the LED at a constant level as the electrical properties fluctuate with temperature changes.



LED drivers have various applications including;

  • LCD backlighting
  • Industrial and outdoor lighting
  • Lighting elevators
  • Domestic and commercial lighting
  • Signage
  • Camera flashes in cell phones
  • Portable flashlight/torch
  • Vehicle interior or tail lights
  • Garden lighting


Types of LED Drivers

There are a number of different types. The most common types are those categorized by;

  • packaging type
  • output current per channel
  • maximum switching frequency
  • output voltage
  • supply voltage

You can also select an LED driver for specific specifications. The most common sizes for supply voltage areÊ2.3 toÊ5.5V,Ê2.7 Ê5.5V and 3 to 5.5V. There are also drivers that can supply voltage up to 630V. The output current in a channel ranges from 25ʵA to 50 A. The most common chips have an output current per channel of 20mA, 25mA, and 100mA.


Next-generation LED drivers from Energy Recovery Products (ERP)

ERP is a leading designer and manufacturer of superior energy saving AC-DC power supplies which are used for LED lighting, IT, medical, industrial, telecom and computing markets.

We are pioneers, leading the way in innovation. In May 2017 we introduced the world’s smallest power supply for LED lighting fixtures. It was exhibited and demonstrated at Lightfair International 2017 in Philadelphia in the same month. This is the largest yearly architectural and commercial lighting trade show in the world.

This next generation LED driver has the capacity to deliver a 20-wattÊper cubic inch power density in a compact package similar to the size of two AA batteries. Our new patent-pending power electronics design provides over twice the density of the last generation ERP. It also delivers five times the power density that competitors are delivering. The first models we are rolling out will come in 40W, 60W, and 100W capacity in configurations of constant current and constant voltage.

As ERP CEO Michael Archer noted, ERP is again at the forefront of bringing a new definition to the meaning of small and powerful in the LED lighting industry. He added that the company expects the new LED driver power density will have the effect of speeding up a whole new generation of lighting fixture designs.

Additionally, ERP demonstrated its latest designs of high wattage outdoor LED drivers, step-down transformers and surge protection devices that are for lighting sporting venues, roadways, and parking areas. Our programmable LED drivers have inbuilt Bluetooth communication. This makes scheduling, dimming and ambient scene control as fast, easy and convenient as swiping your finger or giving voice commands.


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