Anyone with a cell phone may be wondering how the battery indicator light goes from green to yellow to red as the battery discharges. This is done through the creative use of LED lights, which are small lights powered by a minimal current. LED’s serve multiple purposes besides just indicating battery power levels, but they need adequate power supplies to properly function. An LED driver module can be used to power one or multiple LED’s without the threat of burning them out.



This is a self-contained power supply, that can be customized to accommodate the LED’s it powers. The modules have have multiple channels to provide varying currents to different LED’s. This means the voltage provided to one LED can be greater or less than the power to another. These modules are used to power LED’s in a number of different devices, including LED televisions. Most LED’s require a voltage range of 30-42 volts, and a module can be adjusted to power a string of these tiny lights. Energy Recovery Products manufactures some of the industry’s top LED driver modules, and their products are compatible with products from most top manufacturers. The products are designed in the US and built in China, and they can satisfy the LED Powering needs of virtually anyone.

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