Understanding the background of some of the biggest LED power supply manufacturers can help you make an informed choice when deciding to make a purchase. These are a few of the biggest companies makingÊthe vast majority of LED-related power products on the market today.



Based in Ireland, Excelsys got their start in creating power supplies about 20 years ago. Since their founding, they have expanded to North America and Asia. The company has rolled out new parts for LED systems on a regular basis.



The company that would become Amperor was founded in 1987 in Taipei. As one of the older LED power supply manufacturers, Amperor has a considerable market position throughout most of Asia and sales offices in the U.S. With over 2700 employees, the company is able to service customers all over the world with power supplies of all types.



As one of the largest U.S.-based power supply manufacturers, AceLEDs is in a unique position to ensure quality customer service for North American customers. Founded in 1996, this Texas firm has weathered increased competition from overseas suppliers and has found a niche for itself as a primarily-LED focused business.



Another Taipei-based manufacturer, Meanwell primarily focuses on the Asian market, with some staff in Amsterdam and California to work as sales agents. As one of the oldest companies on this list, Meanwell’s nearly 35 years of service in the power industry gives them insight into how the market has evolved and where it is likely going.



Incorporated in 1950, Murata has grown from a small manufacturing plant in Kyoto, Japan to one of the biggest electrical parts providers in the world. LED power supplies are a small part of what Murata has to offer but the sheer volume of what their LED division creates puts them on part with other companies that mainly produce LED components.

While other smaller manufacturers exist, these five are some of the biggest names in the industry. If you need an LED power supply, you can find just about anything you would need at Energy Recovery Products. Their knowledge of LED systems makes them one of the most recognizable experts for parts and distribution.