In recent years, LED lighting technology has exploded, bringing with it a surge in the number of useful applications. Today’s LEDs can be used to fill virtually any type of indoor or outdoor lighting need and have increased the efficiency within automobiles. Unique and novel ideas of utilizing LEDs include applications such as wallpaper that allows the color of a room to be changed with the flick of a switch, office ceiling panels that mimic the appearance of the open sky, and decorative lighting strips that can enhance the appearance of any location.


 Ultra Efficient and Versatile Indoor Lighting

Modern LED technology has created a host of lights suitable to replace any of the old school incandescentÊor fluorescent bulbsÊwhich once dominatedÊour indoor environments. By using only a small percentage of the electricity consumed by incandescents, homeowners and business owners alike can reduce energy expenses and their carbon footprint by switching to LED bulbs. New ideas have even incorporated LEDs into ceiling panels which create the appearance of an open sky. When compared to the flickering of fluorescent lights of days past, it’s no wonder how these new age panels can improve the mood and productivity levels of those who work beneath them.


Municipal Savings on Outdoor Lighting

More communities are realizing the benefits of switching to LEDs to replace the old halogen bulbs in street lamps within the city. This switch is one of the simplest and most efficient changes municipalities can make to save money and reduce greenhouse emissions. LED technology has become so powerful that these devices can now even be used to replace the head lamps on new vehicles. High powered LEDs are anything but the dim, small versions of the past and are actually said to reduce crime in areas where they are utilized within street lamps.


Unique LED Applications Continue to be Revealed

With the virtually limitless number of applications for LED technology, it is no surprise that they are being used to create useful and imaginative items. In order for these devices to function optimally, the right LED driver is required. To learn more, contact the professionals at Energy Recovery Products (ERP) for all of your LED driver needs.