When it comes to lighting and electrical power efficiency, LED lights continue to be the go-to choice for companies and consumers who need better alternatives. However, an LED current setup can be tricky. That’s because LED units tend to draw in power, rather than pass it through. This often results in burnout of the unit if it is not installed properly.

LED current restriction is critical for a properly operating lighting setup. Because of the way LEDs work, one can expect to use larger than normal resistors in combination withÊkeeping the current power low enough for safe functionality. Without the proper size resistor, LED bulbs will essential draw too much power and burn out far sooner than their normal lifespan, running up costs unnecessarily.

LED lighting can provide some amazing power efficiency and significant cost reduction. However, their inherent design requires a rethinking of how a local facility electrical grid should be set up. Failure to take this into account could make an LED conversion a waste of time due to the above current behavior and result.

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