The LED light power supply is also commonly known as an LED driver or a transformer. The LED light power supply can easily be called one of the most important components of any LED system. If you don’t use the right type of LED light power supply, then you risk damaging your LED lights – not to mention that the wrong type of power supply can result in a fire hazard. Identifying the proper power supply that you need isn’t too difficult as long as you use the following tips:

  1. Identify the proper output voltage– One of the key factors into determining the type of power supply you need is the DC voltage of your LED light. For example, if your LED light requires 12 volts, then you will need a 12 volt power supply. If you are choosing a power supply for a constant current LED, then you need to consider the current output of the LED as well, which is measured in either amps or milliamps. Basically, you need to take into consideration both voltage and current range for a constant current LED driver and just voltage range for a constant voltage LED driver.
  2. Identify the proper input voltage– Once you’ve determined the voltage of our lights, you’ll need to identify the voltage supply of the location where the lights will be used. Your LED light power supply will need to be able to accept the input voltage of the location where you will be using the lights in order to properly step it down to the correct output voltage. For reference, most homes supply 120 volts, while most commercial or industrial buildings supply 277 volts. Don’t forget that if you are choosing a power supply for a constant current LED, you will also need to consider the current input of the LED.
  3. Identify the wattage requirements– Check to see what the wattage requirements of your LEDs are. You will need a LED light power supply that has a higher max wattage than the wattage of your lights. The LEDs should use more than 50 percent of the power supply’s maximum wattage. Any less and you should choose a LED light power supply with a lower max wattage.

Use these steps in order to make sure that you choose the right type of LED light power supply for your lighting system, whether it’s for residential, commercial or industrial purposes.