Dimming Programming

ERP has upgraded its PSB Series programming software to GUI revision ≥ 2.0.3.

The PSB series offers a programmable output current. By default, each model of the PSB series is programmed to the lowest current setting for that model. For example, the programming current range for the PSB30W-0700-42 is 700 mA to 350 mA and the factory default current setting is 350 mA.

The PSB series also offers a programmable 0-10V dimming profile.  The PSB series was previously programmed to a minimum 3.2% dimming level with prior GUI revisions anticipating customers programming the units to fit their own specific fixture requirements.

The PSB series also offers the following predefined 0-10V dimming profiles and a fully programmable 0-10V profile:

  • 1% minimum dimming with dim-to-off
  • ANSI C137.1 (100% of output current between 10 V and 9.0 V, linear between 9.0 V and 1.5 V, 1% of output current between 1.5 V and 0.70 V, output current off below 0.70 V)
  • 10% minimum dimming without dim-to-off
  • Logarithmic
  • Fully programmable profile in which each of the 5 points highlighted in red in Figure 1 below can be programmed

In order to ensure the maximum performance from the PSB series, and to ensure the minimum dimming level can be configured to 1%, it is required that each PSB unit is connected to a computer running the latest programming software (GUI revision ≥ 2.0.3) using the PROG-JACK-USB programming cable, preferably prior to being installed in a light fixture. The latest GUI can be downloaded from the ERP website HERE.

PSB Series units have been shipped with a fully programmable 0-10V profile, in which the minimum dimming level was set at 3.2%, anticipating that our customers would program the units to fit their own specific fixture requirements.  In order to ensure the minimum dimming goes down to 1%, it is required to manually program the dimming level down to 1% using ERP Power Programming Software GUI revision 2.0.3 or later.

Less than 1% of PSB Series units manufactured prior to 1 October 2018 may contain incorrect factory programming configuration data which affects driver operation out of the box.  The configuration data issue is corrected by plugging the PSB Series driver into a computer running ERP Power Programming Software v2.0.3 or later.

For your information the manufacturing revision of each PSB unit can be identified using the following decoder:

Revisions to ERP products for production yield or manufacturability improvements are often necessary.  There is no performance difference between revisions A, B or C of the PSB series when units are connected or programmed using the latest ERP Power Programming Software (revision ≥ 2.0.3).

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the ERP Power Programming Software, please email us at software@erp-power.com