In the world of electronics, a light-emitting diode (LED) is one of most ubiquitous components available to the consumer. The simplest ones provide energy in a simple circuit for such low-power end uses as indicator lights. High-power LED circuits, on the other hand, are used to drive a variety of more sophisticated and energy-intensive applications such as outdoor flood lights, street lamps and billboards. Here are a few things to know about them:

  • What is a standard LED? – The simplest LED circuits are comprised of a voltage source connected in a series to a current-limiting resistor – also known as a ballast – and the light resisting diode (LED) itself. In addition, a switch is sometimes introduced to control the circuit. While this arrangement is suitable for small applications, it is a fairly inefficient from a power-use standpoint.
  • What constitutes one “high-power?” – LEDs should only be connected to constant-current sources – that is, ones with a series of resistors so that the current is passively stabilized. This arrangement of components keeps the LED from bring subjected to voltage spikes that might burn it out. Ideally, a constant current regulator is incorporated into the circuit to absorb current overloads or to maintain current delivery during voltage shortfalls.
  • Which one is right for your needs? – For almost every industrial or commercial use, a high-power LED is necessary. In addition, you should consider using the latest generation of LEDs – programmable and wireless, these constant current LED circuits are incredibly versatile, highly durable, tremendously energy-efficient and eminently affordable.

Without a doubt, constant current drivers are the component of choice when a company chooses to use a high-power LED circuit. FTP even more versatility and customization, look towards ultra high-density, open-frame AC-DC power supplies. Our team at Energy Recovery Products can help you with any of these products.

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