LED drivers are what mitigate the flow of electricity to the Light Emitting Diode. Since it is only a diode, increasing electronic flow or decreasing electronic flow will increase or decrease brightness. Since LED technology is more and more quickly becoming mainstream, it is being designed with restrictions in mind. While you can certainly run an LED past its intended capacity, this is likely to erode its function over time, and will probably end up either destroying it, or at the very least, making it so that the expenditure involved ends up being a loss. When purchased, LEDs usually cost more than conventional lighting options. Their advantage comes in dependability over time, and conservation of energy over time. LEDs require less electricity to produce the same luminosity, meaning at a certain point they start making you money on your investment. That’s not going to happen if you’ve got the wrong kind of driver mitigating energy flow to your light emitting diode.

An ELV dimmable LED driver is also known as a “trailing edge” dimmer. It works like this: the alternating current input waveform is turned off at the end; that is: before the “zero crossing”. Traditionally, this kind of technology is used with electronic drivers or transformers that function with a low voltage, or a “capacitive load”. An ELV dimmable LED driver will not be subject to a huge influx of voltage developing into a large influx of current. Finally, with an ELV dimmable LED driver, dimming won’t result in a buzzing sound.

As far as sustainable options go, an LED driver that is ELV dimmable will allow you to maximize your savings with an LED. This option is also recommendable aesthetically, as there really isn’t any reason that a light should buzz when you turn it up or down.

The last thing to consider when you look at ELV drivers is where they’re being purchased from. As LED technology continues its mainstream climb, you are going to encounter shops who are recommendable for their services, and shops that are not. Some things to consider are their knowledge of the product, and how extensive their line of offerings in reference to that product is. The more extensive the available accessories and support items, like ELV dimmable LED drivers, the more likely it is they’ll be able to help you maximize not only savings, but sustainable conservation of energy as well.