There are a large variety of constant current LED driver circuits that we carry to meet the needs of our customers. LED technology, especially in computer applications, relies on constant current LED driver circuits heavily. Since LED technology is energy efficient, cost-effective and actually effective, it’s usually a go-to mode of providing current in most LED applications. A lighting source which lasts thousands of hours is going to need a power source which can meet such a high demand. As a result, LEDs very often require a constant current LED driver circuit, and there are good reasons. A system of constant current has the ability to vary voltage as it is stratified across a given circuit. This allows a regular, constant electric current to be continuously maintained. The driver circuit in the case of LED applications usually functions as a kind of current regulator. Even though a high series resistance is more than sufficient to light an LED, things like high current run the risk of burning an LED out. Not all LED driver applications require such measures, but ones that are secure and reliable definitely do.

Fluorescent lights blazed the trail for constant current LED driver circuit technology. Fluorescent applications come with an electrical resistance that is exceptionally dynamic, predicating operational functionality of the optimal variety over an extremely short range. Constant current applications are also seen with a great deal of regularly in welding applications.

When LED current is set at an exact current specification, not only does it secure the light’s longevity over time, it also allows those using the light emitting diode to properly quantify its effect over time. With electronic design, the fewer variables inherent to a given application, the better. Electronics don’t have many “moving” parts, but they do have a great variety of parts which sustain a regular load of energy, and eventually that will take its toll. A constant current LED driver circuit aids in securing a system’s stability. Especially if you’ve devoted a large portion of your resources toward an LED system, you want to be sure it will continue functioning as advertised. Nobody likes switching out the fluorescent lights at the office, but it’s doable. Still, a constant current system usually runs them. LEDs aren’t always replaced as easily, meaning their power source requires even greater dependability.