Light-emitting diode technology has become very popular in recent years. It’s steadily replacing fluorescent lights which take too long to warm up, aren’t as bright, and wear out faster. Other than lighting, LEDs are found in computers, TV remotes, calculators, and flashlights. Here are the top five reasons why LED technology is becoming more and more adopted by homeowners and commercial enterprises.


1. Energy Efficiency

Traditional lighting, such as incandescent bulbs, are very wasteful in terms of energy efficiency. LED lights, on the hand, are the opposite extreme and are up toÊ90% more efficient. In the long run, they save electricity and help cut energy bills.ÊSince LEDs generate very little heat, they do not require cooling, which cuts down air conditioning costs.


2. Performance

LED technology is much brighter than fluorescent lighting, which allows greater visibility and has better dimming capabilities. Unlike traditional bulbs, LEDs can be switched off frequently, without significant wear and tear. Another key advantage is they don’t flicker. LED lights also offer a wide range of styles, shades, and color options, such as yellow, blue green and red.


3. Extended Life

Some LED lights can last for decades, outliving standard street lights that have to be replaced more frequently. This is why local governments are turning to this technology, saving them big money, in the long run, on maintenance costs. Ultimately, Energy Star LEDs can last up to 50 times longer than traditional lighting and don’t break or need replacing due to their thick durable epoxy. They are also rust-resistant.


4. More Eco-Friendly

LED lighting doesn’t contain harmful solids, liquids, or gases and is recyclable. Since they produce cold light, LEDs are ideal for indoor gardens and plant growth. Using direct light, they eliminate light pollution. They also lack UV light, which eliminates the possibility of skin cancer. Nor do LEDs emit radio frequency interference.


5. Easy Installation

Do-it-yourself installers like LED light, because they are easy to install, since they are lightweight and simply involve screwing them on. Likewise, they are also easy to uninstall without the chance of getting burned. If you want to cut costs and improve energy efficiency, a great place to start is by switching from traditional to LED technology.

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