LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that the lights are energy efficient and can outperform a traditional incandescent light. Individual LED bulbs are small in size, but together these bulbs can generate large amounts of light. LED bulbs require transformers which regulate the electrical current flowing from the light’s power source to the lighting system.


What is an LED Transformer?

Transformers consist of two connected coils that generate electricity. That electricity is how the LED emits light. One coil is connected to the light’s power source. The primary coil picks up electricity from the power source, sends it the other coil, andÊthat coil sends electricity to the light itself. The connection between the two coils determines the voltage generated and the LED transformer can increase or decrease the amount of voltage that runs into it. The measure of this change is the turns ratio.

While there are many different kinds of transformers, the most common kind are magnetic transformers, because they are considered the most reliable. The transformer can be built into the light fixture can be inserted into the light’s plug.

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