One of the greatest developments in the energy industry is LEDs. LEDs is short for Light Emitting Diodes which are electronic components that convert electrical energy to light directly. This is done as electrons move within the material of the diode. The high efficiency and cost advantage of LEDs is one of the reasons why they are replacing the majority of traditional light sources. LED technology is classified as solid-state lighting because the electronics produce light directly from the solid materials where the electrons are embedded. This is different from other technologies, such as fluorescent technology which needs a gaseous discharge medium to start the production of light.


Economic Advantages

The initial cost of conventional light sources is less than that of LEDs. However, LEDs cost significantly less to operate and maintain. Also, LEDs last longer and the cost of maintenance and lamp replacement is lower. LEDs don’t need to be replaced very often so less is spent on new lamps and the related cost of the labor need to change them. Add this to the fact that LEDs use less energy and it becomes clear why the overall cost of a LED system is lower than that of traditional lighting systems. Also, a lot of applications that use LEDs have a payback period that is as low as three to four years.


Industry standards

It is important that every industry has set standards for the sake of quality. With LEDs, Zhaga is the industry-wide consortium that is aimed at setting standardization for interfaces between light engines and LED luminaries. The goal is to allow interchangeability between LED products made by different product manufacturers. Zhaga provides test procedures for LED light engines and luminaires so that the luminaire will work with the LED engine. Leading LED power supply manufacturer Energy Recovery Products (ERP) is a U.S. LED power supply manufacturer with headquarters in California. At the helm of the company is CEO Micheal Archer who is renowned for power conversion design with more than 20 patents in the field. ERP is an LED power supply manufacturer that uses AC-DC power conversion to provide a unique combination of high efficiency, low component count, and high power density. These features are used to design all ERP products and are unmatched by most of the other manufacturers. ERP products certainly satisfy given requirements. The company’s proprietary resonant technology has licenses from ROAL, ON Semiconductor and Flextronics. These companies use the company’s technology in different products and have sold millions of products to a number of 500 companies. ERP’s core technology continues to improve with every new generation of products packing more power capability into a more compact footprint. A good example is the company’s latest LED Driver family that already has an 8 Watt per cubic inch convection rating.


Quality Management

ERP has a Quality Management System (QMS) that focuses on Product Qualification Assurance, Design Qualification Assurance and Supplier Quality and Incoming Quality. Those who buy from us get a limited warranty of five years for LED drivers and three years for power suppliers. If you are looking for an LED power supply manufacturer offering products you can count on, contact ERP You can be sure you count on us for the best LED products, designed and manufactured to the highest standards using the very latest technology.