Lighting development boards or lighting evaluation boards are printed circuit boards that carry the support logic programmers needs to understand a lighting system and know how they will program it. The boards can also be used as a method to prototype lighting applications in electronics.

There are various types of lighting evaluation boards. They are categorized according to packaging, application, and core support. This includes boards that can serve as aÊLED driver board. All you have to do is choose one with the technical attributes that you need.

A LED driver board and other lighting evaluation boards have a number of applications. They are used for;

  • Point-of-sale displays
  • Media illumination such as signs and billboards
  • Under-counter lighting
  • Lighting large channel letters
  • Backlighting light boxes
  • Architectural accent lighting


ERP is short for Energy Recovery Products, a company with headquarters in Westlake Village, California. The company uses AC-DC power technology to provide an unmatched combination of optimized energy efficiency, compactness and low component count or cost.

Each and every ERP product has these features that give them superior capability to products from competitors. Apart from unique power conversion design, ERP develops customized ICs with ON Semiconductor. The ICs which supports its proprietary resonant converter topology.

This best in class technology has been recognized and licensed by Flextronics, ROAL and ON Semiconductor. These companies use the technology in different products, tens of millions of which have been shipped to a number of Fortune 500 companies.

The ERP020/030/040 (20 W, 30 W, 40 W) LED driver board

ERP keeps developing its technology and improving its products, each one with high power capability in a more compact unit. A perfect example of this is the ERP020/030/040 (20 W, 30 W, 40 W) LED Driver. It has capabilities of 8 Watts per cubic inch convection rating.

Promise of quality

ERP has a Quality Management System (QMS) that is focused on;

  • Supplier Quality and Incoming Quality
  • Design Qualification Assurance
  • Product Qualification Assurance

Order with confidence Order your LED driver board or other products from ERP with full confidence. You can be sure you will be getting products based on the best and the latest technology at the most competitive prices. You can also be sure of timely delivery so that you can go on with your operations as scheduled. Consult our comprehensive LED guide then contact us about your order with confidence.