All LED drivers fill the role of regulating the power supply leading to a string or strings of LEDs. A high power LED driver is important when LEDs require larger amounts of power for applications including automotive use, grow lights, flashlights and/or emergency lighting. LED drivers can be used to dim the LEDs they power and vary in design, depending on whether they will be used with an AC or DC input power source. The ideal driver will maximize the efficiency of the entire circuit and should be extremely reliable.


How Do LED Drivers Function?

All LED drivers, including a high power LED driver, regulate the amount of electricity whichÊreaches the LEDs contained within the circuit. LED drivers are used to prevent the overheating and possible failure of the entire string of LEDs, since they will continue to draw greater amounts of electricity as they increase in temperature. Drivers can also be used to dim the LEDs by adjusting the amount of current which reaches the lights.


Higher Wattage Requires a Higher Powered Driver

In situations which require the use of high powered LEDs and/or a greater number of LEDs in series, a high power LED driver is an appropriate addition to the circuit. Care must be used not to overpower the circuit, as this can result in a number of burnt out lights. Applications which commonly require the use of a high power LED driver include:

  • Automotive applications such as exterior LED lights (brake lights, tail lights, etc), display panel usage, interior vehicle lights, etc.
  • Hotels, stores, restaurants, bars and more where a particular mood is desirable.
  • Emergency lights, flashlights, landscape lighting, underwater lighting, lanterns and more.
  • LED lights used in indoor plant growth facilities.


Determine Your Power Source

LED drivers are designed to be used with either an AC or DC power source. DC drivers are typically used in situations where relatively low power LEDs are utilized and are less applicable with a high power LED driver. High voltage AC power drivers are also referred to as off-line drivers. These devices are often used in residential and commercial lighting situations with greater power requirements.

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