There are a number of factors to take into consideration when selecting an LED driver. Different manufacturers offer many products that those in search of a led driver will be certain to find that item that meets their needs.

The following is a guide to the different aspects of led drivers:

  1. AC Input Voltage
    There are four levels of AC input voltage. The lowest level is 120 and 277 Vac. This is followed by 120 Vac and 120-277 Vac respectively. The maximum AC input voltage is 220-240 VAC.
  2. Drive Current Range
    The drive current range is rather large. The span of mA goes from 350 mA or less to 2001 mA or more.
  3. Dimming
    There are five levels of dimming. Four of the levels have forward/reverse phases.
  4. Power
    The power selections range from 0-10W and go up to 111-120W. The interval gradually increases by 10W.
  5. Case Size
    Case size varies in size and material. The sizes are IP20 rectangular plastic and round plastic. IP64 Rectangular metal and IP64 plastic are also available. The largest size is IP66 ballast metal.

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