As the cyber age confidently marches on, the world’s cultures are eager to modernize. The creative and purposeful use of lighting has been at the forefront of this progress since Tesla and Edison battled it out over the appropriate use of electrical lighting schematics around a century ago. These days LED lighting has taken center stage for its versatility and adaptability. However, this convenient technology requires a working understanding of how to manage incoming voltage to adequately suit your LED lighting needs. Energy Recovery Product’s (ERP) LED driver designs have applied this working knowledge to produce a line of over 200 LED drivers that suit almost any LED lighting scheme you can think of.


LED Driver Technology at a Glance

  • Regulates the voltage to an LED or series of LEDs.
  • Adapts to the changing needs of an LED circuit.
  • Provides adequate power to the LED as its electrical properties are susceptible to change with the climate.
  • Energy efficiency in LED driver design has been a priority for ERP engineers.

ERP’s product catalog is extensive and continues to grow to fill the progressing needs of LED driver design. ERP’s drivers are fully functional with LED products from major global brands like Samsung, GE, Sharp, LG Innotek and many more. ERP’s technology is used by globally revered notebook and desktop computer manufacturers, but there impeccable devotion to customer service makes them accessible to companies of any size.