Forward vs. Reverse Phase Dimming

April 21, 2017
Forward phase dimming is the most common dimming method used in the U.S., with over 150 million controllers in current operation. While it is surpassed by reverse phase dimming in some ways, it still has many important benefits, which include.

Why It’s Essential to Consider LED Driver Dimming Performance

April 13, 2017
Because LED light output is proportional to the current, it's possible to dim LED lights, provided that the dimming system used is compatible with the LED driver, excellent LED dimming performance is achievable.

Choose the Right High-power LED Circuits

April 6, 2017
Managing the flow of power and keeping it constant is critical, which is why most LED arrays use LED controllers or drivers. The question is: how do you determine the best choice for your application?

Control Your Light Levels With a LED Dimming Driver

March 23, 2017
LED lights offer many benefits. They are economical, efficient, don't flicker, and there's no delay when switching on. Light output is easily varied using a LED dimming driver. While not initially the cheapest option, the long-life expectancy and low energy consumption means LED lights are more economical in the long run.

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