ERP Power’s PLB Series of low profile programmable constant current Class 2 LED drivers offer an extremely low profile IP20-rated case, with nominal input voltages of 120 and 277 Vac.

The case dimensions are as follows:
Length: 198.7 mm (7.82 in.)
Width: 18.25 mm (0.72 in.)
Height: 18.25 mm (0.72 in.)

PLB drivers are rated for a maximum output power of 50 W, using 0–10 V dimming method and providing 1–100% dimming range. The 0–10 V dimming profiles include non-linear with dim-to-off, non-linear without dim-to-off, and logarithmic.

The drivers comply with ENERGY STAR®, DLC (DesignLight Consortium®), and CA Title 24 technical requirements.

The drivers meet IEEE 1789-2015 “no impact” recommended practices for flicker.

The innovative low-profile rectangular housing allows PLB Series drivers to be especially suited for architectural lighting applications with narrow-channel luminaires and/or restricted mounting conditions. These luminaires can be fitted with integral PLB Series drivers, unlike the case with most standard-sized LED drivers. Creativity can therefore be unleashed by luminaire manufacturers while designing sleek and minimalist luminaires in many styles, configurations, and patterns—and for various mounting conditions—without resorting to remote-mounted drivers.

Applications include (but are not limited to) open offices, lobbies, retail stores, department stores, fitness centers, etc.

Sculpt Patterns Photo Pendant White St  Veronica Elementary School   Graze Render Recessed Collaboration Area

Stencil Forms Photo Pendant AP Jewel Toned Design   


For detailed information and specifications on PLB drivers (or to download the data sheet), please visit the PLB Series page on the ERP Power website.