ERP Power’s PTB Series of programmable constant current Class 2 LED drivers offer high-performance Tri-Mode™ dimming (TRIAC, ELV & 0-10 V) in a versatile and compact IP20-rated case.

The nominal input voltage range is from 120–277 Vac.

The drivers are available in 30 W, 15 W and 10 W models.

The case dimensions are as follows:
Length: 70 mm (2.76 in.)
Width: 40 mm (1.57 in.)
Height: 29.5 mm (1.16 in.)


PTB Series drivers are rated for a maximum output power of 30 W using 0–10 V linear, non-linear, and logarithmic dimming profiles, and providing 1–100% dimming range. No other driver manufacturer can reach the PTB Series’ power density at 30 W.

PTB drivers have a compact square-style form factor, which fits directly inside all standard-sized electrical junction boxes, so as to not require any space within the LED lighting fixture.

Electrical Box: Galvanized Steel, 1 1/2 in Nominal Dp, 4 in Nominal Wd, 4 in Nominal Lg, 2 Gangs

4 in. x 4 in. octagonal J-box

Electrical Box: Galvanized Zinc, 1 1/2 in Nominal Dp, 2 in Nominal Wd, 4 in Nominal Lg, 1 Gangs

2 in. x 4 in. rectangular J-box

2 in. x 3 in. rectangular J-box

The driver is less than half the size of similar capacity drivers in the industry, and high efficiency to reduce electricity consumption. The PTB Series redefines manufacturer flexibility with its form factor.

Programmable Tri-Mode Dimming:
– Reduces SKU count and lowers inventory-carrying costs as a single driver delivers 0–10 V, ELV and TRIAC dimming.
– 98+% TRIAC dimmer compatibility scores, which dramatically reduce any flicker, shimmer, and ripple issues. Competitors’ LED drivers—on the other hand—deliver dramatically constrained dimming performance at reduced light output.
– Eases fixture installation through driver compatibility testing with variety of industry-leading dimmers.
– Delivers flexibility for the fixture to be deployed across architectural, commercial and industrial environments while working with preferred dimming approaches.
– Eases configuration with pre-programmed dimming profiles: Select your particular dimmer from drop-down list and the driver will configure for optimum dimming.
– Enables custom dimming profiles for precise fixture dimming/tuning.
– Expands applications where the fixture works well for a particular project because of the precise dimming control.

Programmable Output Current:
– Lowers supply chain costs as one driver can work across multiple fixtures.
– Provides supply chain flexibility to source multiple manufacturers or models of LED arrays and/or COBs for a fixture design, in the event of component availability constraints.
– Enables tuning of current output (1 mA resolution) to ensure accurate lumen output.
– Enables adjustment of current and lumen output to match fixture A with fixture B, for specific project requirements and fixture installation locations.

PTB Series drivers can go from dim-to-off mode below 0.5 V (500 mV), and therefore are in compliance with ANSI C137.1. They can be used for static white control in conjunction with Lutron’s Athena wireless node.

The drivers comply with ENERGY STAR®, DLC (DesignLight Consortium®) and CA Title 24 technical requirements.

The drivers meet IEEE 1789-2015 “no impact” recommended practices for flicker.

PTB Series drivers are designed in California, and built to last with a 5-year limited warranty.

For detailed information and specifications on PTB Series drivers (or to download the data sheet), please visit the PTB Series page on the ERP Power website.