The Importance of an ELV Dimmable LED Driver

An ELV dimmable LED driver is also known as a "trailing edge" dimmer. It works like this: the alternating current input waveform is turned off at the end; that is: before the "zero crossing". Traditionally, this kind of technology is used with electronic drivers or transformers that function with a low voltage, or a "capacitive load". An ELV dimmable LED driver will not be subject to a huge influx of voltage developing into a large influx of current. Finally, with an ELV dimmable LED driver, dimming won't result in a buzzing sound. ...Read More

It’s All About Recovering Power

What is popularizing LED technology right now is the ability of these Light Emitting Diodes to transfer luminescence without requiring as much electricity. They conserve power. That is why when you consider an LED power supply manufacturer, you should be looking for one whose primary focus is energy retention. AC/DC power supplies used in conjunction with LED lighting should conserve the greatest amount of electricity possible, while providing the maximum output of light. ...Read More

Saving Energy With a 0-10V Dimmable LED Driver

A 0-10V dimmable LED driver will help save money, contributing to a greener environment while allowing continuous illumination. For greener applications, it makes sense to find dimmersÊwhich can adjust levels from 0 to 10 volts;Êthough sometimes this option will be more expensive. But actually controlling the voltage directly via dimmer affords greater control of not only energy conservation, but expenditure. Not only do LEDs last longer,Êthey're inherently energy-efficient;Êthe "green" nature of their application comes built in. Certainly, LEDs are still energy-efficient without a dimmable driver; but going the 0-10V option is recommendable for the most energy conservation. ...Read More

Advantages of a Constant Current LED Driver

What a dimmable constant current LED driver does, essentially, Êis allow for a constant flow of electricity in the range of an LED's functionality that can be dimmed. Think of it like a floodgate or a portcullis; but in this case the water is electricity. The primary advantages come in energy conservation and the retention of intended function, which over time will end up saving money. ...Read More

How ELV Dimmers Work

ELV stands for Electronic Low Voltage. An ELV dimmer is known by a number of names. ELV dimmers are also called simply "electronic dimmers", as well as "trailing edge dimmers". These names come from the way in which this dimmer transitions your LED's luminosity. ...Read More