The Different Options for a Power Supply LED Driver Circuit

The power supply LED driver circuit ensures that a steady stream of power reaches the LED during operation, because unavoidable temperature changes in the local environment alter the electrical properties of the circuit. Without the driver, this would lead to issues with performance. In fact, the LED could become too hot for the system to handle, and the entire thing could fail Ð or at least, render subpar performance. ...Read More

The Future is Bright with High Powered LEDs

Light up your world with high powered LED lights. Booming in popularity across the globe, high powered LEDs outpace incandescentsÊdue to their increased energy efficiency and improved lighting capabilities. ÊLED stands for light emitting diodes. Consumers are in contact with them every day, from the phones we use to the lights in our cars to the streetlights and office buildings. Ê ...Read More

The Advantages of an LED Circuit Driver for your LED Lighting Power Supply

How is this accomplished? The details involve the LED driver circuit, which is the primary component that converts a lotÊmore of the energy you get from your outlet or power source to energy Ð unlike the incandescent bulb, which converts over 90% of the input energy to waste heat. The problem with the latter is that youÕre paying for that energy Ð even though it isnÕt being converted to light. In the case of the LED, you can use far less energy, since the driver circuit transmits most of the energy as light. ...Read More

LED Drivers and Power Supplies for LED Lighting

LED lighting has become increasingly popular as a result of the high efficiency and longer lifespan of the bulbs. However, to keep LED lights functioning properly, they must have a power supply that meets their demands. A constant current power supply is one way of accomplishing this.Ê ...Read More

LED Lights Power Supply: A Guideline to Using LED Strips

As the energy savings and efficiency of LEDs causes them to become mainstays in every industry, manufacturers are busy making new designs and formats for LED strips and bulbs. These products require adequate power supplies,Êespecially for the strips of light that areÊuseful in a portable capacity. ÊThis will enableÊyou toÊbetter understand the utility of these strips, as well as the LED lights power supply that best accompanies particular configurations. ...Read More

Dimmable LED Lighting to Boost Savings and Match Any Purpose

LED lighting is well-known for its capabilities in providing a comfortable, well-lit setting, and energy efficiency. While a simple "on-and-off" setup using LEDs can save you a great amount ofÊmoney on unnecessarilyÊhigh electric bills, a dimmable LED system can amplify your savings exponentially. ...Read More

Choosing the Right LED Indicator

There are a number of factors that go into choosing the right LED indicator for your panel. In order to replace your burnt out LEDs, you must make sure that you have identified the correct pin configuration, mounting case style, size and current. You can also choose from a variety of different color options and manufacturers depending on price point and compatibility. ...Read More

Use of a Low Voltage Dimmer Reduces Energy Consumption

nstalling a low voltage dimmer is a great way to reduce electrical usage and provides the option for additional ambiance when appropriate. While all dimmers work on the same basic principle, care must be used to choose an appropriate dimmerÊto handleÊthe type of lighting it is connected to. Dimmers can also be used to control the speed of fans when desired.Ê ...Read More

An AC to DC Power Supply Powers LED Lighting Devices

Many common lighting sources require an ac to dc power supply in order to function properly. Because the form of electricity that is available in modern homes and offices is a form of alternatingÊcurrent (AC), any device which requires a fixed polarity, be it positive or negative, will require the use of a converterÊto change the AC current into a useful form of direct current (DC) ...Read More